The Algoryns Come to Life for Beyond the Gates of Antares

July 16, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Check out the awesome work on some beautifully painted minis for the new game, Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Beyond the Gates bar

It was the very talented painter, Jo Bain, that had a go at the Algoryns.


The Algoryns themselves are panhumans of distinctive appearance. They lack hair upon their heads, which are instead covered with crest-like keratinous growths. Similar nodules of keratin form a thick scaly layer upon their necks, shoulders and forearms. This dense protective layer shields the Algoryns against the harsh rays of the twin suns of Algorya, which periodically bathe the planet in dangerous levels of heat and radiation. Algoryn troopers are less lavishly equipped than the Concord’s shock troops or Isorian Shard phase troopers, but their weaponry is practical and effective, honed by years of war just like the Algoryns themselves.

Troopers are generally armed with mag guns, with only a few carrying heavier plasma based support weapons. Algoryn troops are protected by reflex shields mounted upon metallic plates: a useful general-purpose armour that is both sturdy and reliable. (Per Warlord Games)

Jo did a great job reading into the background of the faction and bringing the imagery to life. It's always cool to see how different people develop the characters from games from the stories provided, and it's even more exciting to see how the mini's come to life once paint is applied.


How do you think things look Beyond the Gates?

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