Rick Priestley Google Hangout POSTPONED!

December 10, 2014 by brennon

So we are going through a 'Weather Bomb' here coming in from the Atlantic, and it seems to be playing havoc with our Internet connections! We cannot establish a decent connection with the outside world, so we're going to reschedule for Next week!

Sorry guys, but Forces of Nature have defeated us!portstewart Northern Ireland as of 2pm today

Tonight at 8pm/20:00 GMT we're going to have Rick Priestley of enormous fame sitting down for a chat with us on a Google Hangout! We'll be talking about his latest Sci-Fi project, Beyond The Gates of Antares from Warlord Games...

Beyond The Gates of Antares

As you saw on The Weekender this last week we got our hands on the Beta Edition of the rules (which are looking very plush and awesome even as a stand-in product!) and we're going to be diligently working our way through it to find out how this new game is going to play and what gems we can find within its pages. You can download said Beta Edition of the rules HERE for free!

Boromite Gang Fighters

Algoryn Infiltration Team

Boromite Work Gang

The push has begun on the actual miniatures for the game and both the Boromites and Algoryn have got some packs out for you to check out and test out the rules. I'm loving the look of the Algoryn with their almost Turian look from Mass Effect. Can't say no to some mining-turned-warrior Boromites either with their rather cool stoney skin. Some cool weapons are at their command too.

Hansa Nairoba

Bovan Tuk

If you're interested in finding out more about the game, it's background, plans for the future and of course much more then tune in on Wednesday night and we'll have some great content for fans of the game and those looking forward to learning more.

Post your questions below in the comments and we'll take them and put them to Mr Priestley! Maybe we'll also get some questions answered about games other than Gates of Antares too!

Will you be tuning in?

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