Warlord Show Concord’s Plasma Power in Gates of Antares

October 16, 2014 by dracs

Warlord Games have published another preview for their upcoming scifi game Beyond the Gates of Antares. This time we get see some of the fire support the military of Concord are bringing with them.

Concord Heavy Plasma Canon

Plasma weaponry are reportedly the most powerful hand weapons available to the Concord military, while their Plasma Canon provides them greatly increased range and power, enough to take down most things the enemy is likely to throw at you.

Of course, the Plasma Canon probably isn't that mobile, but that's OK as Warlord have also shown off Concord's new Plasma Drones.

Concord Plasma Drone

These drones may not have the fire power of the plasma canons, but they make up for this with their capacity to support your troops wherever they need help the most, without putting further soldiers at risk.

Both of these new weapons have a great scifi style to them, characterised by an aerodynamic design combined with harsh edges. They fit with the style of their force and I look forward to seeing them painted up and included in a larger force.

Are you following developments on Gates of Antares?

Remember, you can sign up to playtest the Alpha version of the rules by following this link.

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