Bitspudlo Fire Up The Efreet Twin Heavy Flamer Turret

October 22, 2014 by brennon

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Bitspudlo have shown off another emplacement for you to use when building up a cool and well defended board. It's always neat to have some kind of interaction with terrain and this Efreet Heavy Flamer could well be it...

Twin Heavy Flamer

As you can see it's quite the mean and indeed detailed looking piece of terrain but the main thing is that it looks like it could be used by your units on the battlefield. You could set this up with a selection of other weapons and then when soldiers are nearby they could take a test to hack into them or interact in some way before turning them on and burning through your enemies.

Grav Bike

As well as the Heavy Flamer they've also previewed a neat piece of kit that will be available next month. It might also have a male and female driver for it too which would be neat. The term 'Ancient Ones' is decidedly all encompassing and it might be neat to see used by Eldar or Dark Eldar.

What do you think?

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