Bitspudlo Watch The Skies With New Sci-Fi Cannons!

August 30, 2014 by brennon

Bitspudlo have got some more cool kit for you to use on your Sci-Fi battles of the grim far future. They not only have the Hoplite Flak Cannon but also the Dedalus Laser Cannon and Line Breaker Tank - the last of course is for all that ground defence you're going to need too!

Hoplite Flak Cannon

Dedalus Laser Cannon

The first two pieces we're going to look at are the Flak Cannon and Laser Cannon that will be watching the skies and shooting down all those flyers and landing craft that are trying to drop troops onto the planets surface. Put a round through them with one of these and you'll have some mangled metal by the end of it. Some nice sculpts with plenty of detail - just enough for a good bit of scenery or as a battlefield objective.

Line Breaker Tank

Protecting them on the ground we have the Bathory Line Breaker Tank which I think subscribes to the mantra of 'more is more'. I like that it has the look of a modern military vehicle when it comes to the chassis but away from that it's sci-fi all the way with the side laser cannons and the duel one on the top. A great replacement for a range of Space Marine and Imperial Guard vehicles I reckon.

What do you think folks?

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