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Andrew May Brings Black Crab’s Chimera To The Tabletop


Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures is back with another of the Black Crab Miniatures collection. This is a very small Kickstarter campaign that is focused on a couple of new miniatures inspired by the artwork of Moritz and perfect for use on your grimdark tabletops.

28 Mag Showcase Their First Grimdark Fantasy Miniature


The folks at 28 Mag have joined forces with Andrew May of Black Crab Miniatures/Meridian Miniatures in order to create their first 28mm grimdark Fantasy miniature. See what you think!

Black Crab Necropolis Mercenaries Shuffle Onto Kickstarter


Meridian Miniatures' Andrew May is back on Kickstarter with more Black Crab Miniatures. This time around, they are bringing to life the Necropolis Mercenaries dredged from the creative mind of Moritz. That means awesome grimdark Fantasy miniatures in 28mm heroic proportions.

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