Black Dog’s SEALs And British Airborne Are Dropping In!

August 9, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Black Dog Miniatures has announced some new 1:35 scale miniatures, to include some multi-pose US Navy SEALs and British Airborne.


British Airborne 1

These miniatures are just beautiful and these are definitely for the collector and modeller more than the gamer. Honestly sometimes I just want to get a really nice miniatures to spend a lot of time on to paint just right and display it.



British Airborne 2

I found this company by accident when searching for news items. Being a huge fan of anything airborne I could not pass up on these. Maybe there is even some who will do small skirmish games with these. Whatever you want to do with them, they are awesome and I think everyone would love to own one or more.


Will you be adding some to your collection?

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