Black Library Tell The Origin Story Of The Everchosen

February 4, 2014 by brennon

Rob Sanders has penned a novel on Archaon The Everchosen and Black Library have popped up a rather sizable extract for you to sink your teeth into. See what you think of this fall from grace later in April.


The story is going to begin from the very beginning with Archaon not the warlord and Everchosen we know him to become. We'll hopefully find out just what turned him from the path of Sigmar.

First thing to note is that cover art is awesome! Secondly I hope this means we'll be seeing an interesting move towards what actually happened in this interpretation of Archaon's story. Since the Storm of Chaos never happened, and according to Sigmar's Blood things have taken a rather different turn with Volkmar Grim, we have some interesting narrative times ahead.

Of course everything from Black Library is 'Loose Cannon' (love that description) but it should be a neat read all the same.

Check out the extract.

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