Gotrek & Felix To Face Their Biggest Challenge Next Year

July 18, 2014 by brennon

Black Library shared some artwork from upcoming covers and the most enticing of all was that of Gotrek & Felix. Next year, after their clash with Throgg in Kinslayer (coming later this year) we should be seeing the dynamic deadly duo of the Old World taking on Be'lakor himself in 'Slayer'.

Gotrek & Felix - Slayer

The cover art shows a rather tired and haggered looking Gotrek (no less deadly however) alongside a suitably startled Felix. It looks like Gotrek has sliced and diced his way through enough daemons already but Be'lakor waits in the background, potentially the slayers' final enemy?

Whatever people might say about the Black Library books I find them a really good read and the action that we've been seeing in the latest Slayer books has ramped up. I can't wait for both Kinslayer and Slayer next year.

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