New Game Black Market Warehouse Hits On Kickstarter!

May 14, 2014 by brennon

Fire Squadron have taken their neat sounding game of crime and exotic resources to Kickstarter and you can now head over and pledge for Black Market Warehouse, but beware of cops!

Black Market Warehouse Contents

The game sees you taking on the mantle of a warehouse owner supplying crime syndicates with the goods they need from weapons to pandas and more. Throughout the game you'll be looking to collect the right resources to score points according to your bosses orders and even stealing from your fellow warehouse operatives to make sure that happens.

Black Market Warehouse

This sounds like a really fun and quick game that appears to have been given a lot of tender love and care by the developers. The art style for one is amazing and gives the game a distinctly dark comic feel, very cool.

If you'd like to read the full rules they are up on their Kickstarter page and the actual campaign is going very well indeed with them closing in on that funding goal soon. The actual pledge for a copy of the game is pretty reasonable too.

Do you like the sound of this one?

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