Aid The French With New Polish Vistula Legions From Warlord

March 30, 2013 by brennon

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Warlord Games are adding to your Black Powder collection and more specifically the forces of the French during the Napoleonic period with their Polish Vistula Legions which are now up for pre-order...

Polish Vistula Legion (Box)

Polish Vistula LegionThe Vistula Legion were one of the most famous units that fought for the French during the Napoleonic era. They ran down British and Russian troops in various conflicts over the years.

An interesting fact is that the Vistula Legions didn't take banners for most of their life time until they were re-organised in late 1813.

Fierce fighters for sure and if you're a Napoleonic nut then these might be right up your street.

What do you reckon to them?

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