New Blood on the Nile Black Powder Supplement Hits Pre-Order

October 17, 2014 by dracs

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Warlord Games are soon to be releasing a new supplement for Black Powder, letting you recreate the battles of the Mardhist Wars in Egypt. Now there is Blood on the Nile as this supplement goes up for pre-order.

Blood on the Nile

The Mahdist Wars began when the Mahdi led his troops from the Sudan to overthrow the British government in Egypt, leading to the might of the British military returning to punish the Mahdi for this insult to Empire.

Admittedly, my knowledge of this period pretty much begins and ends with Corporal Jones' stories of when he was fighting the mad Mahdi in Dad's Army. However, it is a period which holds a great deal of interest for me, being one of the defining battles of British colonialism, and offering plenty of opportunities for tabletop gaming.

As usual, Warlord have an exclusive miniature to go out with the pre-order.

Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby

Colonel Burnaby is certainly an interesting figure. A British officer who apparently had a keen interest in hot air balloons, he fought in the Sudan and died at the Battle of Abu Klea.

Do you plan to pre-order this supplement? Is it a historical period you are interested in?

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