Britain Marches on Waterloo With Black Powder Pre-Orders

February 28, 2014 by dracs

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When someone talks about the Napoleonic era, the mind's eye pictures countless ranks of uniformed men marching in step on the field of Waterloo. Now Warlord are helping to bring the iconic conflict to the tabletop with their new British Line Infantry.

Waterloo British Line Infantry

Waterloo British Infantry

These uniformed soldiers of Blighty is a stirring sight and should prove an appealing addition to the collection of any fan of the Napoleonic era.

As well as the infantry of Waterloo, Warlord also have the British Line Infantry who took part in the Peninsular War up for pre-order.

Peninsular War British Line Infantry

Peninsular British Infantry

These two plastic kits really showcases Warlord's attention to detail with their historical sculpts. I always admire the company's strive for accuracy with their minis and these display it perfectly.

Are you interested in this period of conflict? Do you plan to pre-order some of these?

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