Draft In The Black Powder Hanoverians To Take On Napoleon

May 12, 2014 by brennon

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Warlord Games have another detachment of troops marching to the aid of the Duke of Wellington as the Hanoverian Infantry shoulder their rifles and help the British in Black Powder...

Napoleonic Hanoverian Infantry

Hanoverian Infantry Miniatures

The set contains thirty of their plastic infantry as well as six metal command figures to lead them into battle. They fought in pretty much the same way as the British line troops but wore those rather distinctive caps setting them apart from the other red and white uniforms on the battlefield.

This is quite a nifty looking box and once again pushes me towards doing something Napoleonic. It seems like a very interesting world to tabletop game in and doing a whole army of red and white would be very cool.

Will you be grabbing these?

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