Elite Napoleonic Voltigeur & Dying Brits From Warlord Games

September 18, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games are adding some more elite infantry to the French army to aid Napoleon in your games of Black Powder. See what you think of the Elite Voltigeur and some British Casualties that have no doubt been shot by them!

French Voltigeur Skirmishing (Front)

French Voltigeur Skirmishing (Rear)

These chaps were some of the elite members of Napoleons army. They would mount up on horseback and relocate to different places across the battlefield before dismounting and skirmishing with the enemy using their mobility to their advantage. Unlike the rank and file infantry who would march forward relentlessly these Voltigeur would use cover, exploit enemy weakness and blind spots and were deadly sharpshooters.

British Casualties (Waterloo)

British Casualties (Peninsular)

These are no doubt some of their casualties; unfortunate soldiers who ended up being on the wrong end of the sights when the Voltigeur were in action. There are two sets for both the Waterloo campaign and the Peninsular one so you can be historically accurate with the dead as well as the living.

What do you make of the Voltigeur?

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