Fight More Of The Anglo-Zulu War With Warlord Supplement

November 25, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games have an awesome sounding supplement on the way for Black Powder. This time they are unlocking more history surrounding the Anglo-Zulu War with Zulu! which also comes with their trademark exclusive miniature!

Zulu Book Cover

Prince Louis Napoleon

The new book will explore more surrounding the characters and forces that were present during the key conflicts of this period. It will also come with scenarios allowing you to play them all out on the battlefield which is always a big plus for us wargamers.

You also get this neat Prince Louis Napoleon miniature complete with little dog too. Clearly that is going to be the perfect character model for your force although the alternative British Officer build looks very good too.

Rorke's Drift Set

The massive set from Warlord, Rorke's Drift is still there of course too and gives you absolutely everything you need to fight out this battle from the silver screen.

This period is certainly one that doesn't appear to get a lot of air time, at least from my point of view, but Warlord do pull out the stops when they want to make something an attractive possibility!

Will you be getting Zulu?

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