Fight the Mahdist Revolt as Warlord Release Blood on the Nile

December 15, 2014 by dracs

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Warlord Games' latest supplement for Black Powder, Blood on the Nile, has now been released, letting you replay the battles of the Mahdist Revolt of 1884.

Blood on the Nile

The battles between the British and the Mahdi's uprising against the Egyptian government are, perhaps, some of the defining conflicts of British colonialism. This book allows players to play as either the British as they attempted to take back the country, or the Mahdi's forces, going up against what was the world's greatest military power.

Blood on the Nile Contents

As with all of Warlord's books, this one comes with an exclusive miniature, the eccentric Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby.

Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby

This miniature already reflects the character of this officer of the British Empire and will make for the perfect model to lead your troops against the Mahdi.

Is this a period of history you'd be interested in exploring in Black Powder games?

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