Take The Fight To Napoleon With Warlord’s British Starter Set

April 5, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games are making sure you know where to begin when it comes to Black Powder. They have an ace looking Napoleonic British Starter Set for you to pick up that contains around 150 models!

Napoleon Era British Army

Boxed Army

If you were going to start out with anything in Black Powder then I doubt you could go far wrong when it comes to this. Of course this is very much focused on the Napoleonic era and around the time of Waterloo so some purists might not like it but if you want to just get started and playing then this is certainly a perfect pick.

I wish that I had someone who would paint all this up for me because I would love to have a massive colourful British army. Alas Black Powder might have to wait therefore but at least I know there is a good entrance point with this.

Will you be grabbing this?

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