Fire Cannons & Launch Rockets With Warlord’s Black Powder

October 21, 2014 by brennon

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Warlord Games are talking more about Napoleonics and Black Powder on their website with some chatter about La Haye Sainte. As well as a big French 6pdr Cannon the British are firing off rockets both on foot and from massive Bombardment Platforms!

French 6pdr Cannon

First up we have said French 6pdr Cannon that can be used to pound the British lines. As well as coming with the cannon itself you also get the four crewmen too. I always have a lot of fun putting together and thinking up neat diorama-style set-ups for my artillery crews. Playing Dwarfs in Warhammer Fantasy means it's quite the regular occurrence.

British Rocketeer & Horse

British Rocket Frame

If you prefer a bit of chaos then you'll want to look at firing rockets onto the battlefield. They were notoriously wild and erratic, flying off in random directions when both launched from the floor and via those bombarding frames but the effect they had on both men and especially horses was great. A perfect way to spook the enemy.

Admittedly things could sometimes go a little wrong and fires would spread if they landed in odd places. It certainly wasn't the most reliable of artillery but it had it's uses.

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