The French Line Infantry Fights for Glory with Warlord Games

September 24, 2012 by brennon

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The Perry twins are marching the Austrians to war, but in France Warlord Games are also on the move. Check out their new French Line Infantry for the Napoleonic period...

French Line Infantry Box Art

French Line Infantry Sprue

Painted Napoleonic French Line Infantry

As I mentioned with the miniatures from the Perry twins, the amount of detail that has gone into these basic line infantry is pretty amazing. Simple but effective and looking great when ranked up properly, that's all you need.

I have mentioned in the past the draw towards Napoleonic warfare and I think I really must push myself to head into the world of Black Powder soon. Christmas in the next few months seems like a perfect opportunity to blag myself some miniatures!

Will you be backing the French during the war?

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