Rebellion! For Black Powder’s American War of Independence

July 13, 2014 by dracs

It hasn't been long since our American friends celebrated their Independence Day, the day when Will Smith saved us all from aliens. Now Warlord send our games of Black Powder back to the birth of a nation with Rebellion, a supplement bringing us the battles of the American War for Independence.


The war for American independence was a conflict that dramatically changed the political shape of the world, and contained many interesting conflicts and the rise of cultural icons such as General George Washington.

Rebellion Pages

This supplement is now up for pre-order from Warlord Games and brings with it a ton of back ground detail on the various battles of the war, as well as specific scenario rules to help you recreate them. I have to admit, I am surprised that this hasn't appeared earlier, as aside from the Napoleonic wars, I would have thought this one of the Black Powder era wars people would be most eager to play out themselves.

Can any of you history buffs tell us of any particular battles or scenarios of the War for Independence that would be fun to play on the tabletop?

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