A Continental Officer Leads The Black Powder Rebellion

July 23, 2014 by dracs

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Rebellion, the new supplement for Black Powder detailing the battles of the American Revolution, is now up for pre-order and as usual Warlord Games have an exclusive mini to accompany it.

Continental Army Officer

This Continental Army Officer was sculpted by Alan Perry, and is captured in the middle of leading his fellows forward into the bloody battles of War for Independence. This officer will stand out well from the rest of the standard soldiers and has a good, dramatic design, which adds a cinematic style to the game.

Rebellion provides players with the history of the various conflicts which made up the war which led to the birth of a world power, with new rules, scenarios and character rules for the leaders of both sides of the war.

Rebellion Leaders

The American War for Independence is certainly one which is rich with potential for gaming and it is good to see Rebellion go up for pre-order, accompanied by the cool new mini. Personally though, I want to see the American Civil War. I recently read the Red Badge of Courage and am in the mood for the battle between North and South.

Are you going to pre-order Rebellion? What do you think of the Continental Army Officer mini?

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