March Into Battle With The Chosen Men Of Black Powder

August 29, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have found a unit of veterans you might need for your Black Powder gaming. See what you think of the superb and utterly awesome Chosen Men - British 95th Rifles.

Chosen Men - British 95th Rifles

Chosen Men Miniatures

There were some of the most formidable men at Wellington's disposal and could be counted on in a pinch at any battle regardless of the enemy. These chaps forwent the typical red uniform of the British soldier in favour of a green one that earned them the nickname the 'Sweeps' or 'Grasshoppers' from the French.

Each of them was armed with the powerful Baker rifle and they also had fantastically brutal looking sword bayonets for sticking their enemies. If you're looking for some men (and a dog) to inspire your troops on the battlefield you can't go far wrong with these folks.

Will you get these lads?

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