Sauk & Fox Indians Defend Their Homeland From Invaders

November 10, 2012 by brennon

Both the Sauk & Fox Indians were tribes in their own right but have been joined together throughout history. You can now field them with Warlord Games for your Black Powder tabletop battles...

Sauk & Fox Indians

The Sauk were chased from their homeland by other Indian tribes but they fought fiercely against the US Army during the Black Hawk Wars under the command of, you guessed it, Black Hawk.

The Fox were decimated by disease bought by French colonists and while they stood strong against their invading armies for many years eventually their numbers dwindled to desperate levels. This was when they took refuge with the people of the Sauk tribe and so the two tribes became joined.

Some pretty awesome looking miniatures that certainly tell a story. I like all the individual character in Native American miniatures, especially those from Warlord with a nice edge to them.

Will you be picking them up?

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