Warlord Games Add To The Iroquois Warrior Nation

March 21, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games have some fantastic looking new miniatures in their Black Powder line that continue the fighting around the period of the French Indian War. Check out their Iroquois Warriors and Frontiersmen below...

Iroquois Warriors Set B

Simon Girty & Simon KentonInterestingly when reading about these models I found that that Iroquois are not a single tribe but in fact a collection of different tribes bought together into a League. You can see why the Native Americans might have wanted to gang together with so many Europeans knocking on their door.

Simon Girty and Simon Kenton are a pair of legendary frontiersmen. Girty was Scots-Irish and acted as a liaison between the Indians and the Europeans, but when captured he ended up separated from his family for seven years. After that he much preferred the Indian way of life.

Kenton was also a dedicated frontiersmen and acted as a scout for the Europeans against the Shawnee Indians.

Some nice looking models that would be good additions to an already overflowing Black Powder collection.

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