Warlord Ride Through Berlin in Napoleon’s Own Carriage!

October 13, 2013 by dracs

Warlord Games have a new miniature kit which is sure to make an eye catching centre piece for your force of Napoleonic Frenchies. None other than Ol' Boney's personal carriage!

Napoleon's Berlin Carriage

This famous carriage was built for Napoleon's Russian campaign, but unfortunately for the Emporer it was captured at the Battle of Waterloo as he made his escape.

The kit comes with Napoleon himself, accompanied by his elite bodyguard, and provides special bonuses when used as a comman piece in games of Black Powder. The carriage is a flamboyant and instantly recognisable mode of transport, offering troops a moral boost and Napoleon with a quick get away when things get to hot to handle.

Fancy travelling in style on the fields of Black Powder?

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