Warlord’s Albion Triumphant Up For Pre-Order!

April 2, 2013 by brennon

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Warlord Games have a new supplement for Black Powder ready to pre-order. If you're interested in the new Albion Triumphant expansion book and its fancy exclusive miniature check them out below...

Albion Triumphant Volume II

This new book contains conflicts including...

  • Quatre Bras & Ligny (16th June 1815)
  • Hougoumont (18th June 1815)
  • Waterloo (18th June 1815)

...and allows you to use soldiers from this time period. The book also contains plenty of other interesting historical titbits and of course if you pre-order you get the Sharpe Shooter.

Sharpe Shooter

As a little bit of a nod to the awesome TV show and book series you can get your hands on this British Rifleman named after the unit. The book won't be out till later this year but Salute will provide you with a chance to pick it up.

Will you be buying this?

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