Exclusive! Check Out The Render For Shockwork Studio’s Kali

December 21, 2015 by brennon

Shockwork Studio have sent us through another exclusive preview for their new Black Rain miniatures game. This time around we have Kali who fights for the UNAS (United Asia), a faction that evolved out of China...

Kali #1

Here's some background on this deadly warrior...

"Kali is a very recent product of war. She comes from a prominent Tong family that emigrated to San Francisco during the “Last Exodus”  before the Bay Area Reclamation. Because her family were 2nd generation Chinese immigrants they were taken to one of the many internment camp that spawned on the West Coast.

The Reclamation front line pushed rapidly inland and her camp was shelled with N.A.U. artillery fire. Kali was heavily injured, suffering major burns on what little was left of her body. She was taken by a UNAS Medivac, treated in Beijing and used as a pawn of propaganda showing how well UNAS cares about the victims of war.

During her hospitalization UNAS scientists found out that her genome was perfect for a new Godhand Rig. The fact that her body was so severely maimed only made her an even better candidate. A new body for Kali was crafted allowing her “Doctors” to vastly expand and develop their understanding of the Godhand rigs limits and possibilities.

She integrated with the technology seamlessly, and exhibited emotionless efficiency. Even without brainwashing drugs and propaganda patriotism reprogramming, she showed an unconditional lethal obedience and took quickly to the art of warfare becoming one of the youngest commander in the UNAS history and arguably one of the most feared.

Thanks to her unrivalled compatibility, she's able to control all of her augmented body with only her nero-hub interface as fluidly and dexterously if it was the body she was born in. Unfortunately however, she suffers from phantom pains that affect her actions. For now she keeps that a secret from all but her mentor Bashe."

Kali #2

She looks awesome in the renders and a model that is inspired by plenty of anime artwork I'm sure as well as the likes of Deus Ex. She has a proper Cyberpunk vibe to her and her story is one that would fit in well with the clash between augmentation and natural progression.

Kali #3

You can also see her here alongside some of the other models in the range and it demonstrates the scale of the Mechs as well as the more regular troopers.

What do you think of her design?

"She has a proper Cyberpunk vibe to her and her story is one that would fit in well with the clash between augmentation and natural progression..."

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