Exclusive! Shockwork Studio Give Us A Look At Black Rain Mechs

December 17, 2015 by brennon

Shockwork Studio are working on a new game called Black Rain and one of the main components of it is their massive Mechs. These Ulysses pattern walkers are some hefty pieces of kit and we've got an exclusive look at some of them here. We'll kick off with the Bushmaster...


"Bushmaster can punch holes in the wall with it's Dual Tiamat Flak Cannons for other troops to advance through, creating new tactical possibilities. It's manipulator arms lets him operate terminals, open doors, or just punch someone in the face with an enormous strength of a mech."

Not a bad sounding Mech. I love that it comes with the massive cannons which you can imagine spinning up and spraying death around. The little arms are something we've seen on other big Mechs like this and they are apparently very handy! I think they'd all get T-Rex syndrome and start worrying.

Next up we have the DiamondBack...

Diamond Back

"The DiamondBack offers a variety of guided missiles in it's Brimstone M.L. 330. If that isn't enough to crush the enemy, it can always send a tactical nuke!"

Now, tactical nukes are where it's at. While it's a terrifying prospect I think the idea of having guided nuclear ordnance in battles between mechs is rather epic. You'd have to seriously consider making a proper mushroom cloud marker to designate where that had just hit.

Last but not least we have the Sidewinder.


"The Sidewinder is the most balanced of the three variants, offering good offence on both short and long ranges. The LGC .50 “lawnmower” cuts infantry down like...well, a lawnmower, while the 20mm AMR “Black Arrow” can snipe your irritating targets from afar."

Now this is the kind of mech that I would like to pilot. I'm on board with it having both options for long and short range and being a bit of a sniper, taking out annoying foes from afar before they even know what has hit them. The big sniper rifle reminds me of a lot of those anime mechs you would have run into in the likes of Ghost in the Shell and more.

Of course each of these mechs come as kits and they have shown us how the break down into the resin pieces. You get forty-two pieces in a kit and the build mechs which stand at an impressive 70mm.



For a moment I thought that the tactical nuclear warhead was actually just a big axe! It seems like you get all the components you need in order to make yourself one of the three variants of mech. You could always play around with magnets and see if you could make it so you can swap out components when and where you need them.

We'll hopefully bring you more on Black Rain as the Kickstarter approaches in early 2016.

What do you think of the mechs?

"Now this is the kind of mech that I would like to pilot. I'm on board with it having both options for long and short range..."

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