Black Scorpion Preview Outlaw Faction For Tombstone

March 22, 2017 by brennon

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Black Scorpion has now previewed the line-up for the Outlaws, one of the big factions in Tombstone which is their Wild West skirmish game coming soon to Kickstarter. Take a look...

Outlaw Leader Mounted

We'll kick things off with the characters that have been shown off including the Outlaw Leader who you can see here tipping his hat as he rides through town. You can also get him on-foot with revolver drawn ready to get stuck into a gun fight.

Outlaw Leader Dismounted

He will then be fighting alongside a loyal (or maybe not so loyal) Outlaw Deputy.

Outlaw Deputy

He looks like he's quite the gunslinger with two revolvers in hand. I really like the design of the characters, especially with the bandanas over their faces. You could use this to be the spot colour on the model which ties them all together into a gang and then go wild on the rest of their clothing.

Talking of additional gang members there are three sets of Outlaws ready to join up for fame and fortune.

Outlaw Gang Members

All of the models have an individual look to them which is great meaning that your collection is going to feel like a real gang on the tabletop. There's nothing worse than having miniatures who look exactly the same as each other in a skirmish game like this.

Outlaws #1

All of them are armed with a variety of different weapons too. Rifles, shotguns, revolvers and more are all shown off throughout the collection.

Outlaws #2

Some of these Outlaws look a lot more surly and dangerous than others too so you could use some of them to be the younger members of the crew whilst others take the place of veterans. Maybe you even upgrade the model for a particular character as you go through the game to show them getting deadlier.

Outlaws #3

These Outlaws have come from all walks of life and there's no reason why you can't use some of these characters to build up a gang without the Leader and Deputy you saw above. This really does look like a fantastic gang to get started with.

The Other Factions?

To keep you in the loop they are going to feature several factions/types to choose from including Lawmen, Outlaws, Mexicans, Natives, 7th Cavalry, Undead and Female Gunslingers.

Make sure to watch out for the Kickstarter on April 5th!

Will you be getting in on this one?

"...they are going to feature several factions/types to choose from including Lawmen, Outlaws, Mexicans, Natives, 7th Cavalry, Undead and Female Gunslingers"

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