Black Scorpion Share Their Salute 2014 Releases!

March 29, 2014 by brennon

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Black Scorpion have released some more of their Salute 2014 previews and you can, as you might imagine, pick these up when you get to the event at the front end of April!

Chaos Fantasy Football Team


The first thing to get excited about is the coming of their Chaos Fantasy Football team and alongside them the mighty Minotaur which will be making sure you fail all your Wild Animal checks when you play Blood Bowl. That is one slick looking team and the Chaos Warriors are bloody awesome.

Interestingly they haven't been so 'football-ised' that you couldn't give them weapon options and use them as troops in your army.

Pirate Crew

Wild West Hillbilly Boys

Taking more of a historical slant you can also pick up some more Pirate Crewmen and Hillybilly Boys for both Cutlass! and whatever Wild West game you happen to have in your collection. I like that the Pirate on the far left has a bit of the Assassins Creed IV about him.

Salute 2014 Special

Of course it wouldn't be a big convention without a special miniature and this time they have this Cowgirl and Vulture with a sign pointing towards that illustrious event. She would make a great leader for your Wild West Warbands and the Vulture could be a neat objective marker.

What do you think?

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