Black Scorpion Show Off Miniatures For Crisis 2014

October 30, 2014 by brennon

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Black Scorpion have shown off some of the pre-release miniatures that they're taking to Crisis 2014 in Antwerp this coming weekend. See what you think of these interesting characters...

Archibald II

They're kicking things off with the rather commanding looking Archibald II. I know there are a few alternative history/reality tabletop games out there that use animals in place of historical figures and armies so this could be a good general!

Witch & Boris the Cat

Pumpkin Bear

With Halloween coming this Friday it wouldn't be right to not have some spooky miniatures to show off as well. With that in mind they've got both the Witch & Boris and Pumpkin Bear coming to Antwerp too. I think the Witch miniature is great looking and I'm always impressed with sculptors who can actually make what's essentially just a robe/cloak/dress into something that looks realistic.

Will you be going to Crisis 2014?

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