Black Scorpion Show Off Their Salute 2013 Line-Up

April 10, 2013 by brennon

Black Scorpion Miniatures might have been fairly dormant for the past few months but Salute 2013 is bringing with it a whole bunch of models for you to enjoy. Check out the big list below...



Deputy Parker

First up we have some miniatures for their Tombstone range. If you like fighting in the Wild West then Black Scorpion have a fairly diverse selection that has only grown with these resin additions.


Vermin Team

Elf Team

Giant Vermin


If you would rather play some Fantasy Football then they have given you some new teams to send onto the field. The Vermin team is pretty cool looking especially when joined by that Giant Vermin (Rat Ogre?).

With the ever constant support that Fantasy Football gets you could be looking at a pair of new teams.


Last but not least is their limited edition miniature for Salute, Esmerelda. This pirate lass is looking to take to the seven seas and plunder to her hearts content!

She could of course be a perfect addition to a Cutlass! crew.

What will you pick up on the day?

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