Black Scorpion Show off their Salute Releases!

April 14, 2012 by brennon

It's been fairly quiet from Black Scorpion of late, but they are back with a rather explosive bang of black powder at Salute next weekend. Check out their releases!

First up lets look at some pirates!

Admiral Dylan Lloyd

Captain Ogring

Elros Yavatil

Jack a Roe Jones

Nuria del fuego (Alexis Alternative)

Some splendid looking character models there to represent your leader models in a game of Cutlass! I won't gloss over the fact I think that Captain Ogring is obviously the best. Although I imagine a fair few of you may notice the Alexis alternative!

But, every pirate captain needs a crew and there are a few sets of them available too...

Dwarf Pirates Set #2

Female Pirates

Some rather tall and deadly looking ladies pairing off against some squat Dwarf pirates there. A gang for every fancy in Cutlass? However if pirates don't do much for you then how about something Fantasy Football related?

Fantasy Football Dwarf Team

Yes! Finally a Dwarf team! Some fantastic looking sculpts with great character and plenty of fun mixed in their too. Suddenly I have a reason to go back into Blood Bowl. Also available is a set of modern weapons for customising your models...

Modern Weapon Set

A nice set of options for you to do some chopping and changing with other models for a new look.

So do any of these Black Scorpion Salute released take your fancy?

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