A New Kit For Black Scorpion’s Fantasy Football Orcs

February 17, 2014 by brennon

Black Scorpion have done some impressive fantasy football teams in the past and they have just updated the Orcs with a new kit for the sports field. As well as that the Dwarves have also shown off their secret weapon...

Orc Team II

Dwarf Juggernaut

The Orcs look like another impressive resin kit and while they have, in the past, required a little bit of clean up they do make some very detailed models. Best of all the Orcs are all one piece models so you don't even have to mess around when gluing them together. Straight to the cleaning and painting!

The other release on the cards is this Dwarf Juggernaut that could well be a secret weapon for the Dwarfs on the pitch. A neat stand-in for the deadly roller of Blood Bowl.

These should be on the horizon for a release at Salute. They go quickly so if you want them you'll have to be fast!

Are Orcs the team for you?

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