Black Sun’s Barbarians Are Raging Out In 35mm

August 2, 2016 by brennon

Black Sun Miniatures have been working away on a range of awesome looking Barbarians in 35mm. See what you think of their crazed characters all ready to spill blood and drink copious pints of ale...

Thantor the Barbarian

We kick things off with Thantor The Barbarian who looks like he leads a crazed cult from somewhere in the mountains. I could imagine him being blessed by some Dark God or spirit from the beyond who harnesses his power on the battlefield.

The Barbarian Chieftain is next. He has an interesting Asian influence to his design when you look at the face etched into his belt. I could see him coming from an Eastern background; or maybe he was simply a traveller in those lands.

Barbarian Chieftain

Next up we're heading up into the North to meat Hagbard. He has a decidedly more 'Viking' look to him and probably consorts with all sorts of Chaotic individuals. A horned skull on your belt doesn't usually mean you're a friendly fellow.


I really like his axe design here with this thin, sharp blade making it into more of a sickle than an axe. Following on from him we have Solrak The Savage.

Solrak The Savage

While he suffers from foot-on-rock syndrome he is a rather brutal looking warrior in his own right. With all of that exposed flesh you need to get some tattoos worked onto his body.

Next up we have the Barbarian Champion who comes with some options as you build...

Barbarian Champion

You can see him here with his axe and shield but he also has a severed head and an additional axe if you want to change him up a little bit. You can also give him a pair of swords in scabbards to for his waist.

Last but not least we have the Old Barbarian.

Old Barbarian

This old and haggard looking Barbarian has seen a few wars. He has a similar belt design to the Barbarian Chieftain so maybe they came from the same tribe? Either way he looks like a brutal force of nature in his own right with that hammer in hand.

What do you think of these warriors?

"I could see him coming from an Eastern background; or maybe he was simply a traveller in those lands..."

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