Black Sun’s New Cyberpunk Girls & Rugged Warriors In 75mm

September 5, 2017 by brennon

Black Sun Miniatures are back with some more impressive 75mm models for collectors and painters to get excited about. First off we have CyberGirl...

Cyberpunk Girl #1

Sculpted up by Joaquin Palacios this shows off another amazing paint scheme from Sergio Calvo Rubio for this resin model. Shown dashing through some dank industrial complex you could imagine her infiltrating the enemy facility and stealing away with their technology.

Cyberpunk Girl #2

It's a really interesting take on the models posing for this one and I like its sense of movement. The psychedelic hair, in particular, is very cool and I like all of the lines across her body and face making you doubt how much of her is augmented and how much is real.

Rugged Warriors

Matched against her in the far future we have this Fantasy warrior in Kainan The Damned sculpted by Joaquin Palacios as well.

Kainan The Damned #1

I like the solemn posing for Kainan here showing him just after a battle, weary from the fighting. Maybe some fell sorcerer cursed him with long life and he has simply had to fight all his years.

Kainan The Damned #2

I think that the variety of textures and surfaces here would be fun to work on. You could easily paint the majority of his armour as a metal or leather giving you some options there. I think he needs a battered and beaten sword with blood dripping off it too.

What do you think of this pair?

"I think he needs a battered and beaten sword with blood dripping off it too..."

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