Hunt Dragons With Black Sun Miniatures’ New Warrior Woman

October 7, 2016 by brennon

Black Sun Miniatures have now added another awesome 75mm sculpt to their webstore which looks like it would be an epic project for a hobbyist. See what you think of the Dragon Huntress...

Dragon Huntress #1

She is certainly taking no prisoners and it's good to see that she is totally prepared for fighting dragons. Spears (good shout), a big magic sword (probably with a charm of dragon slaying on it) and proper armour too!

Dragon Huntress #2

It's good that she's still got the regular Barbarian look to her too. Lots of weapons are going to be useful against a dragon since I imagine some of those blades are going to get stuck in its hide and dragged away from you.

She-Orc Smash!

As well as the Dragon Huntress above they have another model in their store we had to show off, the She-Orc.

She-Orc #1

She's certainly embracing her Orcish nature with a big ol' battle axe in hand ready to decapitate her foes. The shaft of the axe does seem a little thin to support the weapons head but otherwise I like everything going on here.

She-Orc #2

The fur and patches of armour will be fun to work on as well as her Orcish skin. You'll have to be good at shading I reckon!

What do you think?

"'s good to see that she is totally prepared for fighting dragons"

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