Black Sun Show Off A Bevy Of New 35mm Sculpts For All Genres

August 13, 2016 by brennon

If you looked at the Black Sun Miniatures last week and weren't fussed with Barbarians then they might have the solution for you. Take a look at some of their new additions to the 35mm Range which span all manner of genres...


We'll start by diving into Steampunk and taking a look at this impressive piece, the Steam Powered Armoured Suit Mk III.

Steampunk Armoured Suit

This is a fine looking miniature and looks like it belongs in the depths of a world like Bioshock. I could see one of these clanking around those sodden halls.

If you prefer your Steampunk look to be a bit more refined how about the Steamborg look instead?


Embracing technology but also looking like he has a bit of swagger and style to him he would look great blasting people away in the name of his Guild.

The Duke would also be another fitting addition to a Steampunk collection. Wearing a gas mask maybe he has his hideout somewhere beneath the streets on the sewers.

The Duke

A great collection I think you'll agree. It features some wonderful sculpting work from the likes of Gautier Giroud and Olivier Bouchet.


Delving into a world of Fantasy next we start things off with the monstrous looking Forest Troll.

Forest Troll

I think it would be great to stick a hapless victim in his open hand and turn the head slightly to make it look like the Troll is about to turn them into mush. A great piece filled with character by Olivier Bouchet.

Next up we have another piece by Olivier that might find itself out at night. See what you think of the Dwarf Vampire Hunter.

Dwarf Vampire Hunter

I love that he comes with an extra big stake. In true Dwarf fashion I imagine he leaves regular human vampires to the others and instead goes hunting the big bloodthirsty beasts that have been warped and changed into monsters.

Last but not least for Fantasy we welcome Death by David Ayral of Anakron fame.


A great take on Death with the tattered wings. I think he would look great painted up in some muted tones but with flashes of bright colours dotted across the miniature to give it an ethereal quality.


Finally we turn to Sci-Fi and one of their new models for this collection, the Post-Apocalyptic Girl.

Post-Apocalyptic Girl

We're back with Olivier for this one and I think he's captured the look of a wasteland survivor well here. Admittedly she's gone a bit 'pin-up' but I reckon with some awesome tattoo work on her skin you'd have a great model for your warband.

What do you think of these offerings?

"This is a fine looking miniature and looks like it belongs in the depths of a world like Bioshock..."

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