Black Wasp Games Build a Barbarian

December 21, 2014 by dracs

New miniatures company Black Wasp Games have shown off one of their first WiP's, a sculpt of a brutal fur-clad Barbarian.

Barbarian WiP

Barbarian WiP 2

I think that this sculpt is a promising start for Black Wasp. At this stage, there isn't much fine detail, but the head and upper torso give a good, Herculean impression to this character. Having said that, the pose promises to be imposing but dull. Hopefully the addition of arms and their accompanying weapons will liven him up a bit.

This miniature is set for Black Wasp's upcoming Kickstarter to help them create their new fantasy skirmish game Warbands, set to appear come February 2015.

Warbands Kickstarter

Do you think this shows promise, or will you wait to see what else Black Wasp have up their sleeve?

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