Black Chapel’s Warriors Of Wulfland Descend On The South

September 5, 2013 by brennon

Black Chapel Miniatures have released their new warband from the tundra plains of Wulfland. See what you think of these warriors bringing muscle and magic to the tabletop...


Ice Wizard

Monk with Shield

First we have their awesome looking Captain, Ice Wizard and Monk. Each of them would be fantastic heroes for the world of Warhammer Fantasy and Mordheim especially. They would be perfect for leading a warband of mercenaries in the City of the Damned.

Veteran with Shield

Warrior with Hammer

These Warriors with both Shield and Hammer would be great as Youngbloods if used in the realm of Mordheim too. However if you're not interested in Mordheim they would be great as champions for use in larger armies of men.

I really hope that these guys continue to produce miniatures in this vein and make them 'compatible' with Mordheim. It's hard enough to get hold of the Games Workshop miniatures nowadays and angry Ben needs a Dwarf Treasure Hunter warband!

It helps that the models are looking good, especially the Monk and Wizard, and I bet they are already getting snapped up.

Bring on more Black Chapel!

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