BlackChapel Add More Heroes To Their Ragtag Warbands

June 27, 2014 by brennon

BlackChapel have been making some brilliant miniatures for fantasy skirmish games and for using as heroes in larger armies. They've recently posted up a bunch of miniatures to help add to each of the existing factions so see what you think!

Honour Guard

Northern Dwarf Chief

First lets head North and check out the Wulfland Honour Guard and the Chief of the Northern Dwarfs. As you might already have guessed by favourite of the two is the Dwarf but I do like my faux Middenheimers and the Honour Guard would be perfect for use in an Ulrican warband coming down from the North to seek their fortune.



The Altreich also have their Handgunner for a bit of long range shooting and they also put together an Alchemist which might be cool as an addition to all of the warbands they currently have available or indeed as an objective during your games.

I've mentioned Warhammer-esque warbands and Mordheim a lot but BlackChapel actually appear to have a bit of backstory of their own so keep an eye out for a lot more from their world as times go by. In the mean time use them for Warhammer Fantasy and you'll be grand!

What do you think?

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