BlackChapel Bring Together New Dwarf Reinforcements

April 27, 2015 by brennon

BlackChapel have made me a very happy man as they released some more Dwarfen reinforcements for their Fantasy range that would be frankly spot on for the likes of Mordheim. See what you think of the Engineer of the Möllekyn Clan, Guard of the Ancestors Chamber, Chief of the Northern Dwarfs, and Dwalnir's Fanatic...

Dwarf Reinforcements

For The Mountain!

First up we have a rather hard working looking Engineer and a Fanatic from the wilds coming to help your Dwarfen Lord in his quest for gold and fame. I think these would be great for the upcoming skirmish version of Warhammer Fantasy if it went that way...


Dwalnir's Fanatic

It's nice to see some different designs for the 'slayer' archetype when it comes to the hair. It's all well and good having a massive crest of hair but I think this is probably a bit more practical!

If you're looking for something a bit more regal then you can pick up the Guard of the Ancestors Chamber and the Chief of the Northern Dwarfs...

Guard of the Ancestors Chamber

Chief Of The Northern Dwarves

These would be great as unit champions as well as hero characters and I could see the Chief in particular popping up in my unit of Hammerers with that massive mallet he has in his hands.

If you're interested in the rest of the range then you can check it out HERE.

Which of this new set of Dwarfs do you like best?

"I could see the Chief in particular popping up in my unit of Hammerers..."

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