BlackChapel Bring The Dwarfs Down From The Mountain

September 25, 2013 by brennon

BlackChapel Miniatures have got to the most important models. The Dwarfs are coming down from the mountain to search for riches and to settle a few grudges!

Guard of the Ancestor Chamber

First up we have the Guard of the Ancestors Chamber with his rather burly expression and that deadly hammer just looking to be swung into an unfortunate adventurers face. It's nice to see that BlackChapel are diving right in there and bringing some proper treasure hunters to the table.


Secondly we have the Blacksmith, an important part of the adventure if the Dwarfs want to keep their equipment shipshape. As the description on the image says smithing is almost a religion to these mighty folk so don't anger him or talk about how good human craftsmanship is in front of him.

Warrior with Shield

No Champion is going to be able to take on his enemies without some Warriors to help him and here is one of his loyal retainers ready to be put to the task. These guys are looking like the perfect models, once again, for playing a bit of Mordheim and I can't wait to see what else they come up with in the future!

I'm fairly sure BlackChapel Miniatures might just be the saviours of this particular Specialist Game.

What do you think of these grudge bearers?

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