BlackChapel Miniatures Show Off More Fantasy Hero Greens

November 12, 2014 by brennon

BlackChapel Miniatures have put together another selection of previews for their skirmishing warbands taking to the streets of some Damned City. See what you think of the Warrior Priest, Claw Blade Hunter and Guard of the Ancestor Chamber...


Priest (Alt)

Claw Blade Hunter

Claw Blade Hunter (Alt)

First up we have the Priest and Claw Blades Hunter for two interesting new factions in the game. The Priest will be bringing faith to the battlefield for the Ecclesia while the Hunter is our first look at Elves for the world! I love the idea that an Elf has got a bit more feral and starting using his natural grace and dexterity in an arena somewhere as a pit fighter.

Guard of the Ancestor Chamber

Guard of the Ancestor Chamber (Alt)

Dwarfs aren't to be left out either with the mighty Guard of the Ancestors Chamber making sure no-one gets a hold of his Thanes treasures either back home in the hold or on the road. I like the action stance and the fact that he's come well prepared with another axe on his back should he need it. The shield detail looks great too.

Have you checked out any of the BlackChapel range before?

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