BlackChapel’s Warbands Employ More Mighty Dwarfs!

July 9, 2014 by brennon

BlackChapel Miniatures are adding more to their range with even more Dwarfs! I clearly couldn't pass up talking about this new selection so see what you think of both Dwalnir's Fanatic and the Engineer of the Mollekyn Clan!

Dwalnir's Fanatic

Dwalnir's Fanatic (Alt)

First up we have said fanatic with his twin axes swinging out wildly. It's actually quite refreshing to see a Dwarf that doesn't have a round belly and is actually quite thin! I imagine when he's fighting every single second of the day and trudging around adventuring he burns off the calories! That aside once again I think we have an awesome miniature from BlackChapel and a perfect choice for a role-playing game or indeed joining a warband of his mighty kin.

Engineer of the Mollekyn Clan

Engineer of the Mollekyn Clan (Alt)

The other preview is no less reckless even if he doesn't throw himself into the maw of a Dragon at every given opportunity. The Engineer of the Mollekyn Clan are the dangerously unorthodox engineers of Dwarf society and are looked down on by some of the other clans. Once again a great miniature with plenty of detail on offer. You could easily use him as an Engineer in an army of Dwarfs for Warhammer Fantasy protecting some of the more newfangled black powder weapons like the Organ Gun!

What do you think of this new offering from BlackChapel?

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