BlackChapel Miniatures Show Off New Surly Men-At-Arms

November 10, 2017 by brennon

Delving back into the Fantasy world created by BlackChapel Miniatures we have a few more previews of upcoming soldiers which might pop up in a new warband or two.

Aux Malleator

Leading the way and seen above we have the Aux Malleator which works as a nice Man-At-Arms, stomping forward on the hunt for treasure, paid by the kill and under the service of a group of dangerous men.

Continuing with this look at some evil sorts we also have the Aux Ballistarius.

Aux Ballistarius

I think each of these folks would make for awesome bad guys in your force for the likes of Mordheim, or even Frostgrave. Sometimes it's good to be the bad guys with no scruples.

What do you think?

"Sometimes it's good to be the bad guys with no scruples..."

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