Blacksmith Miniatures Set a Date for Clio and Erato’s Pistol Practice

September 9, 2014 by dracs

Blacksmith Miniatures have announced that later this month they will be releasing a very limited edition sculpt of Clio and Erato, two beautiful women working on their aim.

Clio and Erato

This sculpt shows off a nice, cinematic scene, which could easily form part of a diorama, or just serve as an excellent painting subject. The model itself appears to be limited to only 150 copies, meaning you'll probably need to be fast if you want this pair.

It would be better if we could get a better look at the miniature itself, but given the quality of Blacksmith's other miniatures, it's safe to say this should be a fairly impressive collector's piece.

Do you think limited edition sculpts are a good idea for companies?

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