Blacksmith Miniatures New Shaman Takes Some Arsnik

December 1, 2014 by dracs

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Blacksmith Miniatures have released a new 43mm tall fantasy sculpt, a rather ragged goblin shaman named Arsnik.

Arsnik the Shaman

This goblin does look like something out of a particularly miserable fairy tale. He's knock-kneed, has a drooping nose and is covered with a boar hide. Yet there is a definite feeling of shamanic power to him, with his long, mushroom sprouting staff and the runes carved into the tusks of his head gear.

As the photo shows, this miniature is a perfect piece to show off your painting skills on. It has a tone of great character to make it stand out and to draw inspiration from, while having more than enough detail to provide you with an interesting challenge.

Fancy taking Blacksmith's Arsnik?

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