Blacksmith Bring The Art Of Jean-Baptiste Monge To Life!

April 11, 2017 by brennon

Blacksmith Miniatures have been working away on their Kickstarter campaign to bring to life a series of 54mm miniatures for painters and collectors based on the illustrations of Jean-Baptiste Monge.

Blacksmith Miniatures - World Of John-Baptiste Monge

Each of the miniatures has been produced in resin and looks like the artwork developed for the realm of 3D. You'll just have to check out the miniatures to see what I mean starting with St Paddy's Day...

St Paddy's Day

The universe of Monge had previously been part of a series of illustrated books but this allows you to give these characters a new lease of life on your painting table.

Illustrations Come To Life

I think my favourite has to be this fellow, Red Cap. He has the look of a warrior about him and as a wargamer, it's always good to see some weapons on a miniature. I love his crooked and twisted sword which matches his spindly body.

Red Cap

Following on from him we have the star of the collection, show off in the images above, known as the Key Keeper.

Key Keeper

Now that truly is a fantastic piece showing off plenty of technical awesomeness when it comes to sculpting. It just means you're going to have to try all the harder when it comes to painting this fellow to make him feel just as impressive when he's finished.

The Crooks Of London is another fantastically characteristic piece which takes more of a Steampunk turn.

Crooks Of London

If you prefer something a bit more different then Jean-Baptiste Monge also worked on some alternative pieces including the Fairy.


She's very different from the other pieces but gives you an alternative if you fancy trying alternative techniques. I wonder if you could actually paint her like the artwork there as if she's come to life from the page in those very muted parchment-like tones?

This Kickstarter only has around a day left to go so if you're interested in any of these pieces you better be quick.

What do you think of their work?

"...this allows you to give these characters a new lease of life on your painting table"

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